A few tips on saving money in Orlando.

There is no doubt that a holiday to Orlando is expensive but with a little bit of thought and planning there are ways in which to save money during your holiday.

First of all book a vacation home.  http://www.luxuryvillasusa.com

There are homes to suit all families and  most budgets.  From two bedroomed condominiums to the 13 bedroomed supervillas. Choose wisely and you will save money rather than booking rooms in a hotel.


Drinks – not every drink needs to be bought from a vendor or in a restaurant. Visit the supermarket and buy bottles of water and take these out with you. I always freeze a couple of these (take a little bit of the water out first) and these will slowly defrost during the morning to ensure you always have a cool drink.

images-10You can also place the frozen bottle on the nape of your neck to help you cool down or on your forehead.

When the bottle is empty you can fill it up from the water fountains and add a little bit of juice (prebought) to help make it taste better. You can also ask for some water from any of the vendors who will give you some tap water free of charge.

It is important that you drink plenty of WATER  so that you don’t dehydrate.

Snacks – These are important to help keep up your energy levels. Snacks such as biscuits in individual packets,small packets of crisps, raisons, cereal bars and sweets can all be pre bought and taken out with you.

If you have a cool box it is a good idea to pack some snacks for the car journey back to the villa. Again freeze some drinks to help the cool box keep cool throughout the day.



Here at http://www.luxuryvillasusa.com  we provide luxury accommodation in self catering accommodation just a thirty minutes drive away from Universal Studios and eight miles from Walt Disney World. Our homes offer 2 to 13 bedrooms, swimming pools, games rooms, home theatres, great kitchens, summer kitchens, golf courses and lake views. Our concierge service will fill your home’s fridge and pantry, engage a private chef, as well as personally accommodating you with everything from a baby crib, barbecue grill, restaurant reservation, or backyard wedding.

Do take a look at our homes and we look forward to discussing your needs with us and booking you into one of our homes. http://www.luxuryvillasusa.com





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